Residency Program Resources

Curriculum Planning Resources

Business, Policy, and Practice Management in Orthopaedics Lecture Series

This collection of lectures is designed as a "curriculum-in-a-box" solution for programs that currently do not have a business principles series in place or are looking to augment an existing one. Each topic is composed of a Content Chapter and PowerPoint presentation.

This lecture series will help prepare residents for a more active role in their future practices, and facilitate fulfillment of the ACGME requirement for Systemss-based Practice for orthopaedic training programs.

Resident Ethics Series

This discussion series provides orthopaedic surgery residency programs with medical ethics and professionalism material to use in training programs. The 

The Resident Ethics Series includes:

  • Discussion scenarios with powerpoint presentations and discussion guides
  • Guide to Professionalism and Ethics in the Practice of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Ethical issues video cases and discussion guides
  • AAOS Code and Principles of Medical Ethics and Professionalism
  • Standards of Professionalism
  • Opinion Statements on Ethics and Professionalism
Communications Skills Mentoring Program

The AAOS has partnered with the Institute for Healthcare Communication to offer interactive workshops designed to improve participants’ patient communication skills. These half-day workshops focus on the 4Ex of effective communication:

  • Engage
  • Empathize
  • Educate
  • Enlist

AAOS members who have been trained as Communication Skills Mentors conduct workshops throughout the year at local, state, and regional orthopaedic associations, as well as residency programs.  


ResStudy Subscription

Give your residents concurrent online access to 10 orthopaedic special interest examinations with more than 1,000 self-assessment questions. These are the same clinically focused examinations practicing orthopaedic surgeons complete for Maintenance of Certification requirements.

• Adult Spine
• Foot and Ankle
• Musculoskeletal Trauma
• Adult Reconstructive Surgery of the Hip and Knee
• Anatomy-Imaging
• Musculoskeletal Tumors and Diseases
• Orthopaedic Basic Science
• Pediatric Orthopaedics
• Shoulder and Elbow
• Sports Medicine

More than 100 residency programs subscribe to this exclusive study tool, often used as pre-and post-tests for rotations. Answered questions can be cleared after exam completion for residents to repeat the examination again and again. Quarterly reports provide you detailed usage statistics and scores by resident.

Annual subscription must include all residents in a program. Annual Subscription: $104/resident

Orthopaedic Video Theater Subscription

Make the Academy’s selection of nearly 400 online orthopaedic videos—from anatomy to surgical techniques — available to your residents. Each video is peer-reviewed by an Academy Committee, ensuring that clinical indications and a discussion on pitfalls and outcomes are included. Annual subscription must include all residents in a program. 

Annual OVT subscription: $39 /resident

Instructional Course Lectures Online-Only Subscription

Give your residents online access to the Instructional Course Lectures library. Over a decade of lectures in PDF format through the current Volume 65. Put these practical techniques and expert insights drawn from AAOS annual meeting presentations at their fingertips. Minimum of 5 residents per residency program subscription. Videos are not available online. 

Annual ICL ACCESS subscription: $39 /resident

Books and Self Assessment Resources

AAOS Comprehensive Orthopaedic Review 2

Prepare your residents for the OITE and the ABOS Board Certification examination. The new second edition includes 23 more chapters and covers core knowledge across all orthopaedic specialties. The bulleted presentation of important facts and key concepts aids in study and retention. Nearly 500 multiple-choice self-test questions, none repeated from the first edition, help direct and focus study time. Now available in a 3-volume print set with online access, or as a convenient eBook. Volume discounts available – contact AAOS Customer Service at 800-626-6726 or mailto:customerservice@aaos.orgfor more details.

ICD-10-CM: By the Numbers*

Give your residents the best orthopaedic-specific coding education available. This series of ten 30-minute modules brings them “up to speed” on using the new, complicated coding system. Each presentation explains how to correctly identify the anatomy required for ICD-10 reporting, key documentation elements to support ICD-10 codes, and anomalies for coding/reporting.

• Introduction
• Sports Medicine
• Hand/Wrist
• Shoulder/Elbow
• Adult Reconstruction Hip/Knee
• Spine
• Foot/Ankle
• Pediatric Orthopaedics
• Fractures (Traumatic)
• Fractures (Fragility)

Residency program price: $299.00. Contact AAOS Customer Service at 800-626-6726 or for more details.

*Unlimited access to all recordings available until December 31, 2016

OKU 11 Self-Assessment Examination (OKU SAE)

This self-scored exam is your residents’ best option for a fast, flexible way to review the entire body of orthopaedic knowledge. It delivers the same hands-on educational experience as the Scored and Recorded version with the added convenience of immediate access to the preferred responses and discussion.

For pricing contact AAOS Customer Service at 800-626-6726 or

Orthopaedic Knowledge Update 11

Help your residents understand current clinical thinking and best practices, supported by the latest evidence. OKU 11 is the most efficient way to access and absorb a vast amount of new information. Includes bonus video that brings key concepts and procedures to life. An exceptional foundational resource for residents in their early years of training. Available in print or eBook.

Volume discounts available for 5 or more copies – contact AAOS Customer Service at 800-626-6726 or for more details.

Essentials of Musculoskeletal Care 5

Strengthen your curricula and your residents’ patient care with Essentials of Musculoskeletal Care, the preeminent musculoskeletal care resource that provides point of care guidance. The newly revised 5th edition is the practical, go-to guide to evaluate and treat more than 300 complaints and conditions.  This new edition offers a companion

website with printable patient exercise programs and more than 200 video demonstrations for physical examinations, range of motion, special testing, and injection and aspiration techniques.

Volume discounts available for 5 or more copies – contact AAOS Customer Service at 800-626-6726 or for more details.

Residents’ Edition of the AAOS 2016 Orthopaedic Resource Catalog

Introduce your residents to the evidence-based, peer-reviewed resources that the only the AAOS can provide.   This handy online mini-catalog features our most popular resources for Orthopaedic Residents and Orthopaedic Residency Programs, all offered at special discounted prices.