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From April 2014 Issue
Volume 8, Number 4

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April 2014
Volume 8, Number 4


2014 Annual Meeting

Coverage begins with reports on pain management, metal-on-metal implants, and clinical studies.

Next Accreditation System

Orthopaedic residency and fellowship accreditation is changing—here’s how.

Practice Management

What to expect from your group practice manager; how to avoid billing service nightmares.

Kappa Delta Winners

Studies on ACL reconstruction, rotator cuff pathogenesis, effectiveness of spinal surgery, and rotator cuff muscle atrophy are honored.

New PSAs

Campaign focuses on patient safety, fall prevention, distracted driving, and advances in scoliosis research.

New Board Members

Meet the new members of the AAOS Board of Directors, as well as the new Council/Cabinet chairs.

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