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From July 2015 Issue
Volume 9, Number 7

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July 2015
Volume 9, Number 7


POSNA Annual Meeting

Research highlights from the 2015 Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America annual meeting.

Policy TimeOut

Interoperability will be the next challenge for electronic health records; new models are on the way.

Bundled Payments Update

How orthopaedic practices are implementing value-based payment models and finding value in them.

Meeting MU Criteria

It’s not impossible to get patients to use portals or to meet other criteria, but it takes innovative thinking.

Orthopaedic Risk Manager

Knowing what to say after an adverse event—and how to say it—can make the difference between being sued and being understood.

Trained for Trauma

An Amtrak crash in May tested Philadelphia hospitals, but trauma staff were ready.

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