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Webinar: Nerve Versus Tendon Transfers for Common Upper Extremity Nerve Injuries: Current Practice

Webinar Director: Jeff Friedrich, MD

Faculty: Amy Moore, MD; Shelley Noland, MD; Stephen Kennedy, MD; David Dennison, MD


Nerve transfers have become commonplace in the treatment of nerve injuries to the upper extremity. There are distinct advantages to nerve transfers including less complicated postoperative recovery and rehabilitation. As new treatments for any problem arise, they should be critically compared to existing treatments, and for decades, the standard treatment for upper extremity nerve injuries has been tendon transfers. The panel of this webinar will examine the advantages and disadvantages of both nerve and tendon transfers, and will critically compare the currently available data.

Learning Objectives:

-List common tendon transfers for upper extremity nerve injuries

-Describe current state of nerve transfers in the upper extremity

-Compare advantages and disadvantages of upper extremity nerve and tendon transfers

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