AAOS President Dr. John Tongue Responds to President Barack Obama's Re-Election

by Laura Miller | November 07, 2012

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons President John R. Tongue, MD, released a statement congratulating President Barack Obama on his re-election and said the organization is ready to assist the President in healthcare-related issues.

The letter recognized President Obama's success in improving access to health insurance coverage and preventive care, lowering prescription drug costs and implementing consumer safeguards against insurance industry abuse during his first term.

"However, there remain deep-rooted challenges that are preventing our patients from enjoying the responsive healthcare system they deserve," wrote Dr. Tongue in the statement. "In his second term, the AAOS hopes that President Obama will work with the physician community to address these unresolved health system challenges like finding a value-driven solution to the Sustainable Growth Rate formula, reducing the burden of medical lawsuits, reforming antitrust laws that threaten patient choice and eliminating the regulatory and administrative barriers that impede the patient-physician relationship."