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From July 2014 Issue
Volume 8, Number 7

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July 2014
Volume 8, Number 7


Specialty Day Debates

Controversial topics presented include patient-specific instrumentation, pinning pediatric supracondylar humerus fractures, treating extra-articular hip impingement, and reducing distal radius fractures.

3-D Printing

Pediatric orthopaedists use 3-D printers to make exact models of complex hip deformities.

Physician-owned PT

A recent report from the GAO may support orthopaedic ownership of physical therapy services.

Orthopaedic Risk Manager

Previously enacted tort reforms are being challenged in several states.

MORE Awards

AAOS recognizes medically accurate orthopaedic reporting that furthers public understanding.

Outside the Office

Civil War orthopaedics is both a challenge and an opportunity for David V. Mungo, MD.

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