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From April 2015 Issue
Volume 9, Number 4

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April 2015
Volume 9, Number 4


2015 Annual Meeting

Featured studies include value of shoulder MRI for diagnosing labral tears, multimodal pain strategies, and impact of bundled payments.

Congress Gets Moving

Legislation supporting AAOS priorities for antitrust and meaningful use relief, trauma care, and IPAB repeal is advancing through Congress.

Measuring Up

A roundtable by practice managers on the value of benchmarking and the AAOE orthopaedic practice survey.

Rapid Prototyping

What’s the state of the art in orthopaedic 3D printing, particularly for

Meet Your New Board

A new lay member and five orthopaedic surgeons took their places on the AAOS Board of Directors during the Annual Meeting.

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