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The Research and Scientific Affairs Department collects, analyzes and disseminates scientific data and information for members, AAOS staff, and external organizations to support the mission of the Academy. The department also supports the AAOS Council on Research and Quality and its associated committees and activities.




CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: Workgroup members needed for the clinical practice guideline on the Osteoarthritis of the Hip (Conservative and Surgical Treatment)

The Committee on Evidence-Based Quality and Value (EBQV) seeks AAOS fellows to participate on a workgroup to develop an AAOS clinical practice guideline on Osteoarthritis of the Hip (Conservative and Surgical Treatment). The Committee on EBQV encourages those with sound expertise on this topic to apply. All workgroup members must be knowledgeable about Evidence-Based methods and prior to the Introductory meeting must complete the following CME Courses on Evidence-Based Medicine located on OrthoPortal: Developing an Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline, Evidence Based Orthopaedics: An Introduction, and  Evidence-based Orthopaedics: Clinical Practice Guidelines.  AAOS guidelines are developed using a rigorous systematic process to promote transparency and limit bias. Applicants must have no relevant financial conflicts of interest to this topic, be willing to sign an attestation form declaring they will maintain an absence of relevant conflicts for the duration of the guideline process and two full years after Board of Directors’ approval. All workgroup members must be available to attend two mandatory meetings in Rosemont, IL; an introductory and final meeting.  Information about guidelines and the development process can be found at

For further information on this workgroup and how to apply, please email by August 8, 2014.

2014 Annual Meeting Scientific Exhibits

AAOS has been involved with the development of orthopaedic device standards through ASTM Committee F04 since its beginnings in 1962. Through ASTM, members from the Biomedical Engineering and Biological Implants Committees work on standards for devices, biologics, and tissue engineered medical products. ASTM has hosted workshops and symposia on the critical issues of metal-on-metal total hip replacement devices and modularity and tapers in joint replacement devices. At the 2014 AAOS Annual Meeting, the Biomedical Engineering Committee, in collaboration with the Biological Implants Committee, is proud to present two scientific exhibits:

AAOS Updates CPG on Treatment of OA Knee

The Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) on the Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knee—2nd edition was approved by the AAOS Board of Directors at their meeting on May 18, 2013. This guideline replaces the 2008 AAOS CPG, and contains 15 recommendations on the nonsurgical treatment of OA of the knee. Although the 2013 CPG contains the same topics found in the first edition, the work group revised the search inclusion criteria to consider only primary research articles with a sample size of at least 30 participants and a follow-up period of at least 4 weeks. One significant recommendation change from the previous CPG is regarding the issue of viscosupplementation: in 2008, AAOS had an "inconclusive" recommendation, while the 2013 guideline states, "We cannot recommend using hyaluronic acid for patients with symptomatic osteoarthritis of the knee." This recommendation is rated "strong" based on supporting evidence from three high-quality and 11 moderate-quality research studies that met the inclusion criteria. To access the full guideline document please visit

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