Resident Assembly

Resident Assembly Executive Committee

The following AAOS Residents are members of the Resident Assembly Executive Committee 2017-2018

Patrick Marinello, MD: Chair
Andrew Jensen, MD: Vice Chair
Jeremy Burnham, MD: Past Chair

Nicholas Bonazza, MD: Health Policy Committee Chair 
David Hamilton, MD: Practice Management Committee Chair 
Kushal Patel, MD: Education Committee Chair
Prem Ramkumar, MBA, MD: Technology Committee Chair
Megan Wolf, MD: Research Committee Chair
Kevin Cronin, MD: Member-at-Large
Ryan Eggers, MD Member-at-Large

The Executive Committee can be reached at .

Many of the members of the Resident Assembly Executive Committee are members of The Capitol Club.  To get involved with the Orthopaedic PAC, visit AAOS' Advocacy page for more information .





The Resident Assembly at Annual Meeting

The Resident Assembly meeting will be held at the AAOS Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA on Thursday, March 9, 2018 from 1:30 - 3:30 PM  and the Resident Assembly Open Forum will be held on Wednesday, March 8, 2018 from 6:30 AM - 7:30 AM.

Interested in learning more?  Visit our FAQ or contact us at .  

All residents are invited to attend.  Let your voice be heard!

Agenda books for the meetings in San Diego are available below.

Become a Resident Assembly Delegate

Each residency program is asked to nominate one Resident to be the Resident Delegate to the Resident Assembly. Each year, the Resident Delegate is invited to attend the AAOS Resident Assembly Annual Meeting at the AAOS Annual meeting (Thursday afternoon) as the voting representative for his/her orthopaedic residency program. All residents are also invited to attend this meeting and be part of the Resident Assembly. This individual will periodically receive correspondence from the Academy concerning resident programs or activities that directly relate to their resident colleagues. They are asked to forward the information to their fellow residents and provide feedback to the Academy. Resident delegates as well as residents have the opportunity to serve in leadership positions within the Resident Assembly: Chair, Vice-Chair of Administration, and committee chairs. Committees are available for delegates and residents interested in the areas of education, health policy, practice management, research and technology.

If your program does not have a delegate listed and you wish to volunteer, please fill out the Resident Delegate application form. If you have any questions, or would like to return your completed form, please e-mail Kristen Erickson or Erin Volland at the Academy.

Programs without Delegates

Resident Assembly Delegates

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Resident Assembly Advisory Opinions and Open Forum

For consideration at the Resident Assembly's meeting during the AAOS 2018 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA, proposed Advisory Opinions are due to the AAOS by six weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.

Proposed Advisory Opinions submitted by Resident Assembly Delegates or members of the Executive Committee require one sponsor. Proposed Advisory Opinions submitted by Resident Assembly members require the signature of 20 residents.  The Advisory Opinion sponsor is responsible for identifying a spokesperson, someone who can "speak to" the proposed Advisory Opinion during the Resident Assembly Open Forum on Wednesday, March 8, 2018.

Open Forum 2017 FAQ


Join a Resident Assembly Committee

The Resident Assembly has five subject committees: Education, Health Policy, Practice Management, Research, and Technology.  There is also a Global Health Workgroup.  All committees meet during the Annual Meeting.

Resident Assembly Committee Charges 2016-2017

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AAOS Resident Education & Research

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Resident Assembly Agenda Book

Committee Agenda Books for the 2017 Annual Meeting in San Diego

Power point presentations you can use to present updates to fellow residents, or to learn more about the AAOS Resident Assembly: