A new “pain in the neck”

by Jerrold M. Gorski, MD

A breakthrough in the evaluation and treatment of chronic neck pain and whiplash-associated disorders

Editor’s note:
I promised that AAOS Now would give AAOS members a place to “sound off,” just as Dr. Gorski is doing in this column. Readers are welcome to respond, comment, or critize, as long as you remember that AAOS Now is a “member” publication—not a scientific, peer-reviewed journal. Whether you think Dr. Gorski is ahead of his time or way off base, if there is referred pain from the neck to the shoulder, then I guess it is possible to have referred pain from the shoulder to the neck. (Some nerves, like the median nerve at the wrist, can “go uphill” [proximal pain].) As I recall, I was one of those who said total hips would not work!

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