This patient is hip!

by S. Terry Canale, MD

Orthopaedic surgeons who perform total hip arthroplasties—as well as those of us who are on the receiving end of those surgeries—owe a great deal to the immeasurable contributions of Sir John Charnley. Since his groundbreaking work, however, there have been numerous advances in prosthetic design, surgical techniques, and options for patients.

In this issue, AAOS Now explores the ongoing controversy concerning hybrid total hip arthroplasty versus hip resurfacing, including the indications, patient selection, and pros and cons of each. The literature contains several excellent articles (see for links) detailing postoperative hip function, complications such as femoral neck fractures after each procedure, metal-on-metal articular wear, and the challenging learning curve for hip resurfacing. Each orthopaedic surgeon develops a personal set of criteria (including age, degree of arthritis, quality of bone stock, and amount of osteonecrosis) to evaluate patients and determine the most beneficial procedure.

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