Professional compliance program continues to evolve

By Kathleen I. Delaney

Holds fellows, members accountable for actions
In just two short years, the AAOS Professional Compliance Program has grown from a simple idea to a flourishing program. When it was established by a vote of the fellowship in April 2005, some suspected that the program would be inundated with petty complaints, while others viewed it largely as a symbolic gesture. Neither viewpoint has been realized.

In fact, the program has functioned much as it was intended to function—as a way to hold orthopaedic surgeons accountable for meeting minimum standards of acceptable conduct. During the past two years, 22 automatic professional compliance actions have been taken, 19 grievances have been filed with the AAOS Office of General Counsel (OGC), five hearings have been conducted by the Committee on Professionalism (COP), one grievance has been appealed to the Judiciary Committee, and two grievances have been considered by the AAOS Board of Directors, resulting in a one-year suspension for one fellow and a censure for another fellow.

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