Reader bemoans ‘double standard’

I read the article by Dr. Canale (“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!) in the October issue of AAOS Now. I agree it can be a problem with various companies offering some things for orthopaedic surgeons to attend their meetings, use their products, and other things.

I look at the definitions that Dr. Canale has, and I agree that black is black and white is white. But I consider it to be absolute hypocrisy on the part of Congress, which accepts money from anyone who will give them money and [will] listen to them and, if there is enough money, will then alter their opinions and their votes, [yet] expects physicians to be pearly white.

The whole business model that I see—in everything that has anything to do with business—is exactly what they are telling us that we can’t do. They know how damaging acceptance of these gifts and monies can be. They don’t want to change their business [dealings] or their attitudes or their money reception, but they want us to.

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