PRP does not improve rotator cuff healing

Two separate randomized trials show no benefit to using PRP fibrin matrix

Improving healing after a rotator cuff tendon repair is an ongoing problem for orthopaedic surgeons world wide. In two separate studies—one European and one American—presented at the AAOS 2011 Annual Meeting, researchers found that one of the latest tools for healing injuries, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), does not make a big difference.

The results of “Platelet-rich plasma augmentation for arthroscopic rotator cuff repair: A randomized controlled trial,” were presented as a podium presentation during the AAOS Annual Meeting. According to presenter Roberto Castricini, MD, using PRP with a fibrin matrix (PRFM) provided “no superior clinical or structural outcome when compared with the more traditionally, technically less demanding, and economically more advantageous technique of nonaugmented suture anchor repair.”

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