Readers Suggest Next Steps in Healthcare Reform

Push forward faster
It is not enough to oppose a law designed to help provide more Americans with health care. I have lived, worked, and traveled throughout Western Europe. I think the United States has a second-rate system compared to most European countries.

We have areas of outstanding care in multiple specialties including orthopaedics. On an almost daily basis, however, I see poorly conceived procedures on patients with vague diagnoses and perhaps a marginal MRI. Then, when the patient has a poor result, the surgeon sends him or her off to “Pain Management.”

The AAOS needs to be a better leader and stop helping to justify marginal doctors doing marginal procedures. As an organization, the AAOS needs to actively push members to be involved in “outcomes.” As an organization, the AAOS needs to take a stand on all of the unnecessary back operations and excessive shoulder/knee/hip/ankle arthroscopies. Is there any evidence for surgery for planter fasciitis or for the use of extracorporeal shockwave procedures?

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