Orthopaedic Research Gets Boost in Defense Bill

Jamie A. Gregorian, Esq.

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of Fiscal Year 2012, signed into law on Dec. 23, 2011, included $30 million in funding for the Department of Defense (DOD) Peer Reviewed Orthopaedic Research Program (PRORP). PRORP had previously been funded at a $24 million level, so this represented a 25 percent increase in new money.

Established in 2009, PRORP is an outgrowth of the Orthopaedic Extremity Trauma Research Program (OETRP). It is designed to improve care for military personnel who sustain extremity trauma by funding innovative, high-impact, clinically relevant research to advance treatment and rapid rehabilitation from musculoskeletal injuries sustained during combat or combat-related activities.

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