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FDA announces Beacon Hill Medical Pharmacy/Rxtra Solutions recall
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has notified health professionals and consumers of the recall of all lots of certain sterile injectable products compounded by Beacon Hill Medical Pharmacy/Rxtra Solutions. The list of recalled products includes methylprednisolone acetate, buprenorphine, and others. The FDA has raised a question of sterility assurance for the affected products, which were distributed nationwide. The products can be identified by lot numbers 01012013@1 to 07262013@99.

FDA issues warning on NuVision Pharmacy of Dallas products
The FDA stated that healthcare providers should not administer any sterile drug products made and distributed by NuVision Pharmacy of Dallas, Texas, because the products’ sterility is not ensured. An FDA notice on May 18, 2013, recommended that NuVision Pharmacy sterile products be quarantined and not administered to patients. The FDA lacks the authority to require the company to recall the products, and the agency states that NuVision has repeatedly refused to do so voluntarily.

Occupational injuries among orthopaedic surgeons
According to findings in the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (Aug. 7), many orthopaedic surgeons sustain occupational injuries during their careers. The survey of 140 surgeons from a variety of orthopaedic specialties found that 44 percent (n = 61) of respondents reported sustaining at least one workplace injury. A significant association was found between years performing surgery and prevalence of injury, with surgeons who had worked between 21 and 30 years reporting the most injuries. Overall, 25 percent of respondents reported sustaining an injury to the hand; 19 percent, to the lower back; 10 percent, to the neck; 7 percent, to the shoulder; and 6 percent, to another area. In addition, 14 (10 percent) of all surgeons reported missing work as a result of a workplace injury, and 5 (4 percent) missed at least 3 weeks. Finally, 23 surgeons (38 percent of injured respondents) reported that no institutional resources were available to support their recovery from the injury.

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