CCC IQ Answers

Culturally competent care (CCC) requires an understanding of cultural differences. The increasing number of Hispanic Americans, in particular, necessitates that we, as orthopaedic surgeons, have a sensitivity to cultural norms other than our own. The scenario on “What Is Your CCC IQ?” presented several opportunities for us to show our CCC IQ. See the correct responses below to find out how well you did.

Meet Maria
You should address the patient as “Senora Salcedo” (D). Even though relatively young, Senora Salcedo is married and a mother. It is very important to show her proper respect by addressing her in a manner appropriate to her cultural norms and expectations. Both she and her husband will sincerely appreciate and respond favorably to such a gesture. “Senorita” refers to an unmarried woman, and calling her by her first name is considered disrespectful. American titles such as “Mrs.” are not culturally sensitive and may offend your patient and her family.

Discussing surgery
In the Mexican family unit, the decision-making capacity of the wife/mother is considered subservient to that of the husband/father’s, so the answer to the second question is (C), Ask if she would like you to consult with her husband, so you can explain the pros and cons to both of them using “comprehension checks.”

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