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Patient-specific spinal rod
Reportedly the world’s first patient-specific spinal osteosynthesis rod, UNiD™ from Medicrea features a user-friendly software tool to help surgeons preoperatively plan surgeries and order customized, industrially produced rods to fit the specific spinal alignment needed for each patient. UNiD eliminates the need to manually contour a rod during surgery, providing surgeons with a precisely aligned rod and reducing the amount of time patients spend in the operating room, according to the manufacturer. For more information, visit

Plating system for complex long-bone fractures
Smith & Nephew’s new EVOS Mini Plating System is for use in complex fractures of the long bones of the arms and legs. Designed specifically for traumatologists, the system includes a variety of mini, flat plates, and screw sizes necessary to address both fracture reduction and short-term fixation while the final, load-bearing repair is being completed. Organized into a single tray, each EVOS Mini Plating System includes three different color-coded size modules that offer a variety of up to eight low-profile plate geometries. Each module also offers the instrumentation for implementing the corresponding low-profile screw options for cortical, cancellous, and osteopenic bone. Featuring sizes up to 80 mm, the system’s screws also offer variable-angle locking technology that enables placement of a locking screw up to 15 degrees off-axis. For more information, visit

Acetabular cup system
Aesculap Implant Systems’ Plasmafit™ Pro Acetabular System (
A) with Vitelene™ liner is intended for patients with severe hip pain and disability due to arthritis, collagen disorders, osteonecrosis of the femoral head, and nonunion of previous fractures of the femur. The two-piece system consists of a cementless titanium acetabular shell and a highly crosslinked ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene vitamin E-blended liner. The Plasmafit Pro cup has a hemispherical, slightly flattened design and rough titanium plasma spray on the outer surface, designed to provide stability for strong primary and long-term implant fixation. The Vitelene liner is designed to prevent oxidation and degradation of polyethylene and maintain mechanical properties. For more information, visit

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