Quiet Before the Storm: What to Watch Out for After the Elections

John M. Froelich, MD, and Roshan P. Shah, MD, JD

As summer ends, political rhetoric heats up. Although little is accomplished in Washington, D.C., between the end of the August recess and Election Day, the action is just around the corner. Few truly novel policies may be introduced in the weeks ahead, but orthopaedic surgeons need to keep a watchful eye on legislative activities as Congress moves through the lame duck session and begins a new session in January 2015.

An SGR fix?
The first real opportunity for substantial legislative activity occurs during the lame duck session after the November elections. Although it usually lasts only about a month, the lame duck session can be packed with fireworks or, as the name suggests, be lame. A small undercurrent of optimism suggests that a resolution of the sustainable growth rate (SGR) issue could be addressed during the 2014 lame duck session.

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