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Bone fixation implant for midfoot procedures
BioMedical Enterprises Speed Titan™ Nitinol Bone Fixation Implant features a tapered body design for higher strength and compression. The device’s wider bridge tapers into narrower legs, making it ideal for high-load midfoot applications where space for fixation may be limited, the manufacturer states. The Speed Titan implant comes ready-to-use on a preloaded insertion tool and uses presterilized, fully disposable instrumentation. For more information, visit

Alternative fixation spinal system
K2M’s NILE™ Alternative Fixation Spinal System features low-profile implants and intuitive ergonomic instruments, intended to provide stabilization between the spine and the rod, and to allow for reduction, translation, compression and distraction while sparing the anatomy. The NILE implants include bands, clamps, and set screws designed to attach to titanium or cobalt-chrome rods of various sizes. The color-coded NILE band is woven to provide strength and maintain structure, with exposed metal leaders attached on both sides. The low-profile NILE clamps are designed to enable compression and distraction along the rod and provide versatility with independent band and rod-locking mechanisms. The NILE tensioner requires no assembly and provides adjustable travel distance to allow for large reduction, as well as controlled sequential reduction. For more information, visit

Surgical drill bit
The Slick™ Universal Drill Bit from Surgionix helps surgeons prepare bone for safe and accurate insertion of screws and plates, without the need for a depth gauge. The device includes a retractable wire and clip that extends near the tip of the drill bit, acting like the hook of a depth gauge, to enable the surgeon to take accurate measurements from the drill bit itself. For more information, visit

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