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Hallux valgus correction system
Paragon 28's PROMO (Proximal Rotational Metatarsal Osteotomy) is a hallux valgus correction system designed to allow complete bunion correction in multiple planes. PROMO reportedly provides simultaneous correction of the metatarsal internal pronation as well as the varus deformity through a single, oblique osteotomy.

The system contains a series of custom jigs and implants utilized in the measurement, construction, and fixation of an oblique plane osteotomy specific to the patient's deformity. Unique plates are included that are sized and shaped around the oblique angulation of the osteotomy. PROMO also includes a PRECISION™ guided system that enables the user to place a cross screw across the osteotomy while avoiding hardware collision with the plating construct.

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Lumbar interbody fusion device
Vertera Spine's COALESCE™ Lumbar Interbody Fusion Device is designed for use in anterior, transforaminal, posterior, and lateral lumbar interbody fusion procedures.

According to Vertera Spine, the device combines the osseointegration capabilities of porous metal implants with the favorable imaging and mechanical properties of traditional polyetheretherketone (PEEK) implants. COALESCE's porous PEEK architecture reportedly has an interfacial strength stronger than the shear strength of vertebral trabecular and is said to behave mechanically similar to bone under compression, essentially eliminating any stress shielding effects. It also does not produce imaging artifacts that may inhibit accurate visual assessment of fusion.

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