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Cervical plating system
Meditech Spine’s Cure™ Opel-C Plate System is an add-on technology to its Anterior Cervical Plate System and Talos-C hydroxyapatite (HA) Interbody Systems. The new plating options are offered with Meditech’s Talos line of cervical interbodies made with the osteoconductive PEEK-OPTIMA HA-enhanced material. The two modular snap-on plate styles are designed to provide rigid fixation while minimizing adjacent level impact. For more information, visit

TLIF cage
SpineVision’s Hexanium Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) cage is intended to promote fusion and stop the motion of a painful segment in the spine during back surgery. The cage has a honeycomb structure with two large windows to maximize bone in-growth and on-growth between its endplates. Its pivoting system allows for cage positioning, and the locking ring helps prevent cage disconnection or misplacement. For more information, visit

Bone graft product
Synergy Biomedical, LLC’s BioSphere® FLEX strip-format bone graft is composed of porous, bioactive glass that is dimensionally integrated within a collagen and sodium hyaluronate scaffold, and it is specifically designed to absorb bone marrow aspirate. FLEX was developed for surgeons who prefer the characteristics of a flexible strip-format bone graft and the ability to augment with bone marrow aspirate. Its moldable structure assists in graft placement and allows the implant to conform to irregular bone surfaces. For more information, visit