State Executive Director and Orthopaedic Society List Servers

State Executive Director List Server

State Orthopaedic Society List Servers

The Association has established list servers that allow each AAOS member to communicate with all other members of his or her state. To send electronic mail to members in your state, simply do the following:

  • Select your state from the list below.
  • Click on the state hyperlink. If your browser is configured to send mail, a mail box will automatically open for you to compose your message.
  • If you cannot send mail from your browser, you can use your standard E-mail system. The addresses of the list servers follow this format: where state is lowercase and words are combined (e.g., ).

State List Servers

Note : On a trial basis, the message size limit has been increased to 5 mb.

Note : The addresses of each state list serv have changed from "" to "" If you have saved one or more of these addresses in your e-mail contact list, please be sure to make these updates.

State State State State
Alabama Indiana Montana Puerto Rico
Alaska Iowa Nebraska Rhode Island
Arizona Kansas Nevada South Carolina
Arkansas Kentucky New Hampshire South Dakota
California Louisiana New Jersey Tennessee
Colorado Maine New Mexico Texas
Connecticut Maryland New York Utah
Delaware Massachusetts North Carolina Vermont
Florida Michigan North Dakota Virginia
Georgia Military Ohio Washington
Minnesota Oklahoma West Virginia
Mississippi Oregon Wisconsin
Missouri Pennsylvania Wyoming