At the Meeting

There's more to know about being at our Annual Meeting. Below you will find links to pertinent information about what to expect while attending the meeting.  

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What, Where & When

Being in the right time and place is imperative.  Be sure to check What, Where & When in the Preliminary Program before the meeting and on your My Academy app and board in the Convention Center once onsite to make sure you are prepared.

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Career Center

The Career Center is a great opportunity for employers and job seekers alike.  There are on-site job boards and private interview booths available for your convenience.

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Resource Center

Many things to discover at the Resource Center from publications, digital content, tor help with the My Academy app, and handout sales - and much more!

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There are many forms of technology being used throughout the Annual Meeting.  One of the most important is the My Academy app, available for download several weeks before the meeting.


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Safety & Security

For your safety while at the meeting: Learn emergency contact procedures, how to get to first aid, the nearest hospital and drug stores as well as tips on staying safe in the city.

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Attendee Policies

Our attendee policies are available here for your information.