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Meet your educational objectives and enjoy sessions in your preferred learning style. A wide variety of educational formats enable you to select a productive educational experience that is right for you!

To Keep in Mind:

  • All handouts are only available electronically via My Academy app as well as accessing them from your registration record. Handouts for all Instructional Courses will be available one week prior to the meeting.
  • Sessions that require tickets can be purchased during the registration process, or added to your registration record as late as the moments before the meeting, pending availability. 
  • Some sessions described as "interactive" allow interactive participation with the faculty (which may also include technology based audience response systems) and/or could include audience discussion of the topic.
* Denotes additional purchased ticket required

2019 Annual Meeting Education Opportunities 

Session Type Description Time Attend This Session If You:
Ask an Expert Interactive case discussion with expert analysis. 45
• Want an expert opinion on a case.
• Are interested in an interactive experience.
Career Development Courses Learn how to advance your teaching, research and presentation skills. A lecture based yet interactive course. 1 hr.  • Want to further refine or develop your presentation skills.
• Are eager to learn how to create an environment beneficial to learning.
• Wish to expand your research expertise.
Case Presentation Courses* Interactive round table discussion led by an expert. 1.5-2 hrs. • Want small-group experience.
• Enjoy actively participating in case discussions.
Flash 5 Fast and focused on hot topics, experts drill down to critical points in 5 minutes per topic. Several topics are covered during the one hour session.  

1 hr.

• Are pressed for time.
• Are interested in getting a high level view and key takeaways on a new subject area.
Instructional Courses* Tried-and-true techniques in orthopaedics. Experts present lectures and discuss cases. Interactive course. 1.5-3
• Appreciate instruction from experts.
• Desire a refresher on scenarios that you do not encounter often.
• Want to brush up on your skills.
Orthopaedic Review Course: Refresh, Refocus and Prepare* The return of the this renowned review course will prepare you for the Board Exam with reviews on current knowledge on diagnosis and management of clinical problems from a nationally accepted orthopaedic practice perspective. Whether you want to refresh your knowledge, learn current and pertinent information to refocus your knowledge or you are preparing for your board exam, this course is focused on you! 9.25
• Help you prepare for the Board Exam.
• Review of current knowledge on diagnosis and management of clinical problems from a nationally accepted orthopaedic practice perspective.
• Each section includes discussion of fractures, complications, infections, and trauma.
Orthopaedic Video Theater Surgical videos and multimedia programs online. A self-directed interactive experience. own pace  • Benefit from detailed surgical procedures.
• Learn best individually.
Paper Presentations Oral presentations on new research or an update to a continuing study with brief discussion. 1.5-2
• Are interested in Randomized Clinical Trials.
• Wish to identify research that has a clinical relevance to your practice.
Poster Tours Experts select their favorite posters in their areas of expertise. An interactive experience. 1 hr.  • Want to interact with the experts in a unique small group setting.
• Want to stay on top of cutting edge research.
Posters New or continuing research in poster format. A self-directed experience. own pace  • Like to experience learning visually.
• Have interest in emergent research.
Practice Management Course for Residents & Fellows-in-Training Didactic lectures, demonstrations and panel discussions to provide the foundation for an effective transition from resident to practicing physician.    4.5
• Want fundamental skills and knowledge on core competencies.
• Are a Resident transitioning into a practicing physician.
Scientific Exhibits Audiovisual, interactive presentations illustrate a study or complex procedure.  own pace • Feel that the interactive visual experience enhances your learning. 
Showdowns  Orthopaedic colleagues debating topics and techniques. You decide who wins! Interactive with audience voting.  1 hr. • Enjoy debates.
• Want to hear different points of  view on controversial questions and issues.
Specialty Day* On Saturday, the specialty societies present programs dedicated to the Latest developments in ensuring superior patient care. An interactive course.  4-8
• Desire additional instruction in your area of specialization.
• Are looking for an additional networking opportunity with other surgeons in your specialty.
Speed Mentoring

During residency, the emphasis is on surgery and clinical skills. To succeed in the next phase of one's career (Fellowship, finding a job and starting your practice) there are many questions you may not know to ask or had answered. The purpose of this session is to provide information on the practical and the intangibles of what you need to start your next phase of your career in a successful manner. You don't want to miss this!

4.5 hrs. 

• Session starts with panel on work life balance

• Multiple tables for you to choose based on your needs:  being an effective chief resident, fellowship, finding a job, using ancillary staff, finances. lessons learned from experience and multiple other topics

• Each table has two surgeons to give their perspectives and answer your questions

Symposium Cutting edge topics featuring debates  1.5-2
• Are interested in theory.
• Want to identify new trends and data.
• Enjoy debates. 
Technical Skills Courses* A lecture based course with a focus on positioning, approach, and step-by-step technical tips via videos, followed by discussion on key takeaways. 1.5-2
• Are looking to improve your fundamental skills by watching how the experts perform common procedures. 
Technology Theater Technically oriented discussion on latest technology trends and applications.  45
• Want to explore new technologies or get information to improve your office practice 
The Way I See It... Experts share the “why” behind what they do with candid, personal thoughts. Session is presented in 15 minute topics with a one hour duration. 1 hr.  • Want insight into what motivates the experts.
• Want to be inspired by personal stories and realizations.