Three Scientific Exhibits Cited; POSNA Receives Special Award

Three Scientific Exhibits on display at this year’s meeting received Awards of Excellence and, for the first time, a Special Recognition Award was given to a member organization of the Board of Specialty Societies—the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America (POSNA)—for its exhibit.

The award-winning Scientific Exhibits are as follows:

Reducing Surgical Site Infections in Total Joint Arthroplasty: It’s a War and Not Just One Battle, by Brian Hamlin, MD; Anthony M. DiGioia III, MD; and Timothy J. Levison, MS.

The Work Injury Recovery Center: A Productive Endeavor in an Orthopaedic Practice by James V. Nepola, MD; John P. Albright, MD; Phinit Phisitkul, MD; Sergio A. Mendoza-Lattes, MD; Matthew J. Teusink, MD; Sean Boarini, BA; and Casondra Roethler.

Telesurgery: Use of Augmented Reality in Orthopaedic Education by Brent Ponce, MD; Terry B. Clay, BS; Joseph A. Kundukulam, BS; Keith W. Weaver, MD; Jonathan K. Jennings, MD; Evan Sheppard, BS; Matthew May, BA; and Herrick Siegel, MD.

The Special Award went to SE42—POSNA: Infantile DDH: Screening, Safe-swaddling, Harness Application and Follow-up Protocol by Harish Hosalkar, MD; Scott J. Mubarak, MD; Ernest L. Sink, MD; Kishore Mulpuri, MD; and Chad T. Price, MD.

Scientific Exhibits are on display through 6 p.m. today in Academy Hall B. The selection of award-winning Scientific Exhibits was determined by the 2013 Exhibits Committee: William H. Seitz, Jr, MD; George W. Balfour, MD: Dennis B. Brooks, MD; Benjamin Goldberg, MD: Steven M. Kurtz, PhD; Donald H. Lee, MD; Pekka A. Mooar, MD; Joseph T. Moskal, MD; James V. Nepola, MD; Rick F. Papandrea, MD; John R. Tenny, MD; and Scott D. Weiner, MD.