Paper Manuscript Upload Submission


We require that Paper Presenters submit a full manuscript by our deadline: December 17, 2019

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The discussion of scientific papers is important part of the Annual Meeting. In order to provide a thorough discussion of papers, it is imperative that you provide an electronic manuscript of your completed paper by: 11: 59 PM CST December 17, 2019 to our website. A copy will then be forwarded to the moderators of your session for their review in preparing their discussion. A copy will be available to the Communications and/or Public Media Relations Department to use when working with the media if permission is granted.

Please include your disclosure, and that of your co-authors on the first page on your manuscript.  

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  • The manuscript must contain all information being presented at the Annual Meeting.
  • Manuscripts must be submitted as a Word or PDF document ONLY. Power Point files or videos will not be accepted.
  • Font/Type Size - 12 point or comparable readable point size.
  • Paper presentation number listed in the upper right-hand corner of first page. Title and authors centered on page.
  • Maximum of 20 pages of text, minimum of 3 pages, inclusive of charts, photos and bibliography. Do not double space.
  • References required.
  • Photos - Photocopies of original photographs are acceptable, no copyrighted material should be included in your manuscript.

  • Central Program Committee Policies

  • If we do not have a completed paper by December 17, 2019 – the Program Committee AND Moderator will be notified.
  • The penalty for not submitting manuscripts will be a 2 year ban from presenting any abstracts at the Annual Meeting.
  • Manuscripts will only be accepted electronically through our website.
  • Manuscripts received either by email or postal mail will not be accepted.

  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact Domenic Picardo at the Academy office, via e-mail: or by phone 847/384-4185.