Sharat K. Kusuma, MD, MBA

Clinical Instructor

Adult Reconstruction and Joint Replacement

Midwest Orthopaedics/Rush University Medical Center

I had the distinct privilege of being the first official AAOS Washington Health Policy Fellow in 2003-2004, during my second year of residency. Needless to say, the year I spent in the program was an unbelievably valuable experience. During that year, I had the opportunity to participate in several advocacy events and health policy projects. Advocacy events I attended included the Orthopaedic Research and Lobby Day, the Orthopaedic Device Forum, and the National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference (NOLC). I had the privilege at the 2004 NOLC of coordinating the attendance and participation of Congressman Pete Stark (D-CA) in a debate regarding orthopaedic specialty hospitals. I also attended several Orthopaedic Device Forum meetings and several congressional hearings on various health policy topics.

During my fellowship year, I completed research survey study and published a paper that examined the effects of the 80-hour resident workweek rules on resident attitudes and performance. Additionally, I participated in the publication of other health policy articles in major orthopaedic journals.

I hope to continue my participation in the health policy arena in the future through involvement with the AAOS as well as regular interactions with my local, state and national Representatives. Eventually, I have aspirations of running for public office later in my career so that I can represent the interests of our orthopaedic community more directly at the state and national levels.

Recent publications:

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