CSDP faculty and participants at the June 9 meeting included: Front row (l to r): Cristin Ferguson, MD; Denis Clohisy, MD; Kornelis Poelstra, MD; Eric Santos, MD; Michael Yaszemski, MD, PhD. Middle Row (l to r); Wilber Chang, MD; Hue Luu, MD; Alfred Kuo, MD; Steven Goldberg, MD; Rndy Rosier, MD, PhD; Jo Hannafin, MD, PhD; Sean Scully, MD. Back Row (l to r) Klane White, MD; Regis O'Keefe, MD, PhD; Paul Issack, MD; R. Tracy Ballock, MD; Michael Cluck, MD; Richard Brand, MD; Kurt Spindler, MD; Kathleen Hogan, MD; Tom Brown, PhD.

Wilbur Chang, MD, PhD

University of Maryland

Michael W. Cluck, MD, PhD

LAC/USC Medical Center

Cristin M. Ferguson, MD

University of Rochester

Steven H. Goldberg, MD

Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke's

Kathleen A. Hogan, MD

Medical University of SC

Paul S. Issack, MD, PhD

Hospital for Joint Diseases

Alfred C. Kuo, MD, PhD

UC Davis

Hue H. Luu, MD

University of Chicago

Kornelis A. Poelstra, MD, PhD

University of Virginia

Eric M. Santos, MD, PhD

University of Alabama

Klane K. White, MD

UC San Diego