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Proximal Humerus Fractures

February 12, 2016

Contributors: Clifford B Jones, MD, FACS

This video is a lecture discussing the deltopectoral approach to proximal humerus fractures using open reduction internal fixation. Considerations for selecting an approach are discussed and include patient status, indications, advantages, and disadvantages. Set up and preparation, including C-arm placement are demonstrated. Dissection is demonstrated, including retracting the cephalic vein medially, and the humeral head fracture is reduced and plated anteriorly. Advantages and drawbacks of the other approaches including percutaneous, extended anterolateral acromial, and extensile techniques are described. Various plates are discussed, and case examples are shown. Complications and catastrophic failures are discussed and demonstrated with cases. Keys to success include using a deltopectoral approach, gentle dissection, placement of the plate lateral to the biceps groove, divergent screws which do not penetrate the humeral head, and early range of motion.

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