Congratulations to our 2012 Achievement Award Winners!

Active volunteer involvement is at the heart of AAOS activities. Our meetings, courses, educational materials, clinical practice guidelines, and advocacy efforts are just a few of the many activities that depend on participation by volunteers for their success. Volunteers are vital—not only to the AAOS, but also to orthopaedic specialty societies; national, state, and local orthopaedic societies; and the broader medical community.

The AAOS Board of Directors established the Achievement Award Program (AAP) to encourage and enhance individual growth of Academy members, and to thank them for their many contributions to education, research, and advocacy in orthopaedics. This program recognizes participation by AAOS members in Academy programs and elsewhere in orthopaedics.

This program was designed to recognize those who are freely giving back and to create an incentive for others to do the same.

John W. Adkison, MD
Stephen A. Albanese, MD
Benjamin Alman, MD
David W. Altchek, MD
Peter C. Amadio, MD
John G. Anderson, MD
Paul A. Anderson, MD
Richard L. Angelo, MD
Elizabeth A. Arendt, MD
April D. Armstrong, MD
B. Sonny Bal, MD
Richard J. Barry, MD
Paul E. Beaule, MD
Michael S. Bednar, MD
Pedro K. Beredjiklian, MD
Keith R. Berend, MD
Jack M. Bert, MD
John G. Birch, MD
Theodore A. Blaine, MD
R. Dale Blasier, MD
Pascal Boileau, MD
Michael P. Bolognesi, MD
Joseph A. Bosco, MD
Martin I. Boyer, MD
Keith H. Bridwell, MD
Darrel S. Brodke, MD
James W. Brodsky, MD
Robert W. Bucholz, MD
Wayne Z. Burkhead, Jr., MD
Dwight W. Burney, MD
Jason H. Calhoun, MD
David L. Cannon, MD
David B. Carmack, MD
Charles Carroll, IV, MD
Henry G. Chambers, MD
Andrew L. Chen, MD
Anikar Chhabra, MD
Constance R. Chu, MD
Thomas O. Clanton, MD
Charles R. Clark, MD
Henry D. Clarke, MD
Denis R. Clohisy, MD
J. Chris Coetzee, MD
Bruce E. Cohen, MD
Peter A. Cole, MD
Cory Alan Collinge, MD
CAPT Dana C. Covey, MD
Edward V. Craig, MD
Alvin H. Crawford, MD
Glen Crawford, MD
Lynn A. Crosby, MD
Frances Cuomo, MD
Bradford A. Currier, MD
Thomas M. DeBerardino, MD
Brian D. DenHartog, MD
Douglas A. Dennis, MD
Paul E. DiCesare, MD
Doreen Di Pasquale, MD
Michael P. Dohm, MD
Brian G. Donley, MD
John P. Dormans, MD
Lawrence D. Dorr, MD
Frank J. Eismont, MD
Neal S. ElAttrache, MD
Sanford E. Emery, MD
Gregory C. Fanelli, MD
James C. Farmer, MD
Blair C. Filler, MD
Stuart J. Fischer, MD
Timothy C. Fitzgibbons, MD
Mark A. Frankle, MD
Ian Blair Fries, MD
John P. Fulkerson, MD
Mark T. Galloway, MD
Donald S. Garbuz, MD
Kevin L. Garvin, MD
Mark C. Gebhardt, MD
Laura M. Bruse Gehrig, MD
William B. Geissler, MD
Christian Gerber, MD
Steven Gitelis, MD
Andrew H. Glassman, MD
Michael J. Goldberg, MD
Charles A. Goldfarb, MD
John T. Gorczyca, MD
William L. Griffin, MD
David J. Hak, MD
Douglas P. Hanel, MD
Jo A. Hannafin, MD|
Robert A. Hart, MD
Roman A. Hayda, MD
Rex Haydon, MD
Richard J. Haynes, MD
William L. Healy, MD
Andrew C. Hecht, MD
James D. Heckman, MD
Harry N. Herkowitz, MD|
John Anthony Herring, MD
Laurence D. Higgins, MD
Ginger E. Holt, MD
Daniel Scott Horwitz, MD
Thomas R. Hunt, MD
Robert E. Hunter, MD
Michael H. Huo, MD
Shepard R. Hurwitz, MD
Mary Lloyd Ireland, MD
Laith M. Jazrawi, MD
Louis George Jenis, MD
Norman A. Johanson, MD
LTC Anthony E. Johnson, MD
Jeffrey Einer Johnson, MD
Clifford B. Jones, MD
Spero G. Karas, MD
Jay D. Keener, MD
Michael A. Kelly, MD
John D. Kelly, IV, MD
A. Jay Khanna, MD
Harry Kwang-Woo Kim, MD
Young Jo Kim, MD
Graham J W King, MD
John S. Kirkpatrick, MD
Ira H. Kirschenbaum, MD
Patricia A. Kolowich, MD
L. Andrew Koman, MD
Stephen Kottmeier, MD
Sumant G. Krishnan, MD
John E. Kuhn, MD
Peter R. Kurzweil, MD
Young W. Kwon, MD, PhD
Richard F. Kyle, MD
Amy L. Ladd, MD
Robert F. LaPrade, MD
William C. Lauerman, MD
Carlos J. Lavernia, MD
Francis Young-In Lee, MD, PhD
Isador H. Lieberman, MD, MBA, FRCSC
John D. Lubahn, MD
Douglas W. Lundy, MD
William J. Mallon, MD
Peter J. Mandell, MD
Richard M. Marks, MD
Harry A. McKellop, MD
Samir Mehta, MD
Lyle J. Micheli, MD
Robert H. Miller, MD
Stuart D. Miller, MD
Bernard F. Morrey, MD
Kevin R. Murray, MD
Daniel J. Nagle, MD
Bradley James Nelson, MD
Brent Norris, MD
Shawn W. O’Driscoll, MD
A. Lee Osterman, MD
Douglas E. Padgett, MD
Wayne Gregory Paprosky, MD
Michael Lloyd Parks, MD
Albert W. Pearsall, MD
Walter J. Pedowitz, MD
Bernard Andrew Pfeifer, MD
Mark J. Philippon, MD
Frank M. Phillips, MD
Jeffrey L. Pierson, MD
Stephen J. Pinney, MD
Michael S. Pinzur, MD
Kevin D. Plancher, MD
James J. Purtill, MD
Matthew D. Putnam, MD
Chitranjan S. Ranawat, MD
E. Anthony Rankin, MD
Ghazi M. Rayan, MD
John JM Rhee, MD
William M. Ricci, MD
B. Stephens Richards, MD
Anthony A. Romeo, MD
Aaron G. Rosenberg, MD
Charles L. Saltzman, MD
James O. Sanders, MD
Harvinder S. Sandhu, MD
Rick C. Sasso, MD
Jonathan L. Schaffer, MD
David M. Scher, MD
Gregory J. Schmeling, MD
Perry L. Schoenecker, MD
Andrew J. Schoenfeld, MD
James Douglas Schwender, MD
Richard D. Scott, MD
Sean Scully, MD
Nicholas A. Sgaglione, MD
Gene W. Shaffer, MD
Francis H. Shen, MD
Naomi N. Shields, MD
Alexander Yong Shik Shin, MD
Vincent J. Silvaggio, MD
Kenneth M. Singer, MD
Ernest L. Sink, MD
Wade Russell Smith, MD
Mark J. Spangehl, MD
Edwin E. Spencer, MD
Paul D. Sponseller, MD
Scott M. Sporer, MD
Dempsey S. Springfield, MD
Michael David Stover, MD
Michael J. Stuart, MD
Michael Suk, MD
Dean C. Taylor, MD
Nirmal C. Tejwani, MD
Richard M. Terek, MD
George H. Thompson, MD
Alfred J. Tria, MD
Clifford B. Tribus, MD
Peter M. Waters, MD
J. Tracy Watson, MD
Scott D. Weiner, MD
Augustus A. White, MD
Leo A. Whiteside, MD
Riley Joseph Williams, MD
Scott W. Wolfe, MD
James G. Wright, MD
Dane K. Wukich, MD
Bruce Ziran, MD

For more information on the Achievement Awards Program and to view a complete list of Achievement Award winners, visit