Published 12/1/2007

AAOS updates coding resources for 2008

Coding requirements continue to change and AAOS is keeping pace. All AAOS coding products have been completely updated for 2008 to help you stay current and maximize your reimbursements. Hundreds of code and cross-reference changes for 2008 are covered.

CTP Coding Guide
The Orthopaedic CPT Coding Guide explains the five levels of evaluation and management (E&M) codes, and includes practical coding scenarios to help you understand coding changes and code to the highest specificity. The price for AAOS members is $75; nonmembers pay $85.

Global Service Data
Complete Global Service Data for Orthopaedic Surgery
details inclusions and exclusions for more than 1,500 musculoskeletal procedures. The two-volume set is organized by anatomy, with a full page devoted to each CPT code. Global Service Data costs $200 for AAOS members and $245 for nonmembers.

The CPT/ICD-9 Cross Reference for Orthopaedic Surgery lists primary and secondary ICD references applicable to each CPT code and spells out exclusions. The 2008 edition includes hundreds of revised cross-references, making it a valuable resource at $160 for AAOS members and $200 for nonmembers.

Code X
Orthopaedic Code X 2008 combines all six major coding databases—Current Procedural Terminology (CPTÒ), International Classification of Disease (ICD-9), Global Service Data, Relative Value Units (RVUs), Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits, and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS)—into one powerful program. This versatile coding tool is updated and improved each year to streamline navigation and improve functionality.

Code X 2008 is available in both PC/Macintosh and Windows Network versions. The PC/Macintosh version costs $409 for AAOS members and $525 for nonmembers. The Windows Network version is $645 for AAOS members and $775 for nonmembers.

Each Code X order entitles you to automatic annual updates. Updates for PC/Macintosh are $220 for AAOS members; $270 for nonmembers. Windows Network updates are $345 for AAOS members; $395 for nonmembers.

To order these coding products, go online to www.aaos.org/products or call (800) 626-6726.