Published 12/1/2007

ArthroCare introduces new radiofrequency controller and surgical wands

ArthroCare Corp., a medical device company offering minimally invasive surgical products, has launched a new radiofrequency controller dubbed “Quantum,” and simultaneously released new versions of its two of its Coblation® surgical wands, the Super TurboVac® and Super MultiVac®. The wands are equipped with finger switches and work with the Quantum controller to provide surgeons with more flexibility. The Quantum controller is compatible with all existing Coblation wands.

According to the manufacturer, the Quantum controller-powered Coblation Wands provide a larger and more aggressive plasma layer at lower power settings than other radiofrequency devices, resulting in faster ablation speeds with less total energy delivered to the joint in order to preserve healthy surrounding tissue.

Features of the new controller include:

  • Variable coagulation to deliver the precise level of hemostasis required to stop bleeding and keep the visual field clear
  • Integrated Topaz® timer to increase convenience and safety when using the company’s Topaz Microdebrider for minimally invasive treatments of tendons and fascia
  • Wireless footswitch to eliminate wires and increase ease-of-use
  • Integrated design allowing it to fit in an arthroscopy tower for easy and convenient set-up

For more information, visit www.arthrocare.com