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Published 1/1/2007

Global opportunities for orthopaedists on new AAOS Web site

Are you looking for a temporary orthopaedic-related opportunity around the world? Or perhaps you have a short-term or long-term temporary position you need to fill? The AAOS now offers a free, online resource for posting and seeking precisely those types of opportunities.

Global Orthopaedic Opportunities, formerly the International Center for Orthopaedic Education (ICOE), is a free, user-friendly information sharing service that provides a central location for listing short- and long-term musculoskeletal-related positions throughout the world. Originally sponsored by the American Orthopaedic Association and Orthopaedic Hospital of Los Angeles, the ICOE Web site was recently taken over by the AAOS and renamed.

Since 1994, this service has helped musculoskeletal healthcare professionals from 90 different countries find exchange opportunities in more than 75 countries, giving them opportunities to contribute to an enhanced quality of life for patients around the world with musculoskeletal disorders.

Open for business
You can start posting positions now. It’s easy, fast and free! Post short-term and long-term temporary opportunities that are available in your hospital, institution, or organization anywhere in the world. Hundreds of qualified candidates from around the world can review the posted positions and apply directly to you beginning in April 2007.

Examples of the types of temporary positions previously posted on the site include the following: awards/scholarships; observerships; clinical, volunteer, crisis aid, basic and clinical research, and teaching/lecturing/speaking positions.

The site will be open to position seekers on April 2, 2007, so make sure to get your opportunities listed today. For questions or additional information, e-mail global@aaos.org or call the AAOS international department at (847) 384-4166.