Published 6/1/2007

Industry News

Smith & Nephew introduces antimicrobial barrier dressing
Smith & Nephew Wound Management has just introduced Acticoat Site, a silver-coated antimicrobial barrier dressing specifically designed to help manage infection risks around intravenous lines, central venous catheters, and external fixation sites. According to the maker, Acticoat Site provides excellent absorption and can be left in place for up to 7 days for continuous antimicrobial activity throughout the entire wear time of the dressing.

This new dressing joins the Smith & Nephew infection management portfolio of products, which includes Iodosorb™ and Iodoflex™, two cadexomer iodine-based wound care products with unique triple-action properties of antimicrobial activity, desloughing, and absorption.

For more information about Acticoat Site, or any Smith & Nephew wound care products, contact your Smith & Nephew Account Manager or Customer Care Representative at 1-800-876-1261, or visit www.smith-nephew.com.

Doncasters receives ISO 10993 chrome coating certification
Doncasters Medical Technologies—a leading global supplier to the makers of joint replacement and spinal prosthetics—has expanded its technical capabilities by completing ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing for cytotoxicity, irritability, and sensitization in chrome coating.ISO 10993 entails a series of standards for evaluating the biocompatibility of an implant or device to ensure that the apparatus is safe, from a biologic and toxicologic perspective. Additionally, Doncasters now supplies chrome coated products that are compliant to the elements of ISO 10993, and further testing has also been completed in accordance with FDA’s 21 CFR, Part 58, Good Laboratory Practice for Non-Clinical Laboratory Studies. Doncasters Medical Technologies has more than 40 years’ experience in working with cobalt chrome, titanium, and stainless steel castings and forgings. In addition to chrome coating, the company’s technology covers metal-on-metal applications; bone in-growth features; cast textured bone on-growth capabilities; and strong capabilities in rapid prototyping. For more information please visit

Last Call: Nominate a fellow for 2008 Humanitarian or Diversity Awards
Do you know someone who deserves to win the AAOS Humanitarian or Diversity Award? If so, now is the time to act. Nominations must be submitted no later than June 18 for the awards, which will be presented at the 2008 AAOS Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Humanitarian Award
The Humanitarian Award recognizes AAOS fellows who have distinguished themselves through outstanding musculoskeletal-related humanitarian activities in the United States or abroad. A humanitarian is someone who endeavors to improve the human condition through saving lives and alleviating suffering while supporting and contributing to the basic human dignity of those in need. The award recipient will receive a $5,000 donation to his or her chosen cause.

To nominate a deserving colleague for the 2008 Humanitarian Award, simply complete the online nomination form at www.aaos.org/awards. An e-mail will automatically be sent to the nominee to complete the rest of the process. To receive a PDF version/printable version of the nomination form, to reactivate a previous nomination, or to request additional information, contact Kayee Dooley at (847) 384-4035 or dooley@aaos.org.

Diversity Award
The Diversity Award, which includes a $5,000 honorarium, recognizes AAOS fellows who have distinguished themselves through their outstanding commitment to making the orthopaedic surgical profession more representative of and accessible to the diverse population it serves. Examples of activities that qualify for the Diversity Award may include actively working to reduce obstacles that prevent greater numbers of women and underrepresented ethnic groups from entering orthopaedics, teaching and fostering culturally competent care, working to reduce healthcare disparities, or mentoring culturally diverse and female medical students.

To nominate a colleague for the 2008 Diversity Award, complete the online nomination form at www.aaos.org/awards. To reactivate a previous nomination, or for more information, contact Maureen Geoghegan at (847) 384-4164 or geoghegan@aaos.org.