Published 3/1/2007
Steven E. Fisher, MBA

AAOS Group Purchasing Program takes off

The AAOS Group Purchasing Program, powered by Esurg Corporation, rolled out at the 2007 Annual Meeting in February. Since then, orthopaedic surgeons from across the country have been taking advantage of the free savings analysis—and finding out just how much they could save with the program. In most cases, the analysis showed they could save 20 percent or more.

With the AAOS Group Purchasing Program, you can purchase medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, and office supplies from a single source at attractive savings. AAOS members receive an additional 2 percent discount relative to nonmembers. With more than 50,000 choices—including 16,500 medical/surgical products, 3,200 pharmaceutical products, and 25,000 office products—Esurg can meet the needs of most orthopaedic offices.

Placing an order with Esurg couldn’t be easier…simply call, fax, or complete the online order form. Esurg will invoice per your request—to individual offices or to one centralized location; you can pay for your order using a credit card or opt to receive a monthly invoice.

Best of all, with Esurg, you control the sales process. No more distracting, inconvenient visits from sales representatives. But if you do need personal assistance, a dedicated Esurg account representative is only a phone call away.

Initial results are promising
AAOS members have expressed high interest in the Group Purchasing Program. In just three weeks, nearly 200 AAOS members contacted Esurg, either through the AAOS Web site or a visit to the Esurg booth during the Annual Meeting. Offices that requested savings analyses found that they could save an average 21 percent. Although not every office may save that much, a minimum 10 percent savings is very realistic. If your office spends an average of $30,000 per year in medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical supplies—not including outlays for office products—that’s a $3,000 savings!

Even long-term Esurg customers are benefiting from the additional 2 percent discount for AAOS members, while continuing to enjoy the quality service and great pricing, as the following testimonials indicate:

    “I have been a loyal user of Esurg for several years, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. They have a broad selection, prices are right, and reordering is easy. Rare shipment issues are handled quickly, and they always exceed my expectations. The Web site provides easy accessibility to the products I need, and it is always being updated with more options. They make ordering supplies simple and easy.” -Orthopaedic Associates, San Jose, Cal.

    “A year ago I started ordering from Esurg due to the low prices of injectables and I couldn’t be more satisfied. The Web site is easy to navigate and ordering is so simple that I benefit from the time savings. Customer service has been outstanding! For offices considering Esurg, I would support them 150 percent! Fast, easy, convenient ordering and great pricing.” -Vero Orthopaedics and Neurology, Vero Beach, FL

In addition to low costs and great customer service, there’s another reason AAOS members should consider purchasing their medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, and office supplies via Esurg: You’ll be helping your Academy. Esurg pays AAOS a 1 percent royalty, based on the program’s sales. The AAOS uses this money to underwrite other membership programs.

Find out more about Esurg
The AAOS Web site has general information—including a program description and customized savings analysis request. To get your savings analysis, simply fax several recent purchase orders to Esurg; within 48 to 72 hours, you will receive a report that indicates how much you would have saved had you ordered via Esurg.

At the Esurg Web site—www.esurg.com/aaos—you can tour the “store” and see a list of available products. You must register to see a price list; however, registration is free, and there is no obligation to order anything once you have established an account. The Esurg prices are the same for everyone, whether you are a solo practitioner in Portland, Maine, or a member of a five-physician group practice in Portland, Oregon.

For more information on the AAOS Group Purchasing Program, contact Steven Fisher, manager of the practice management group, at (847) 384-4331 or sfisher@aaos.org