Published 3/1/2007

10 questions to ask potential recruiters

  • What’s your success rate? The higher the rate, the better the recruiter
  • Will you give me a list of your last 10 consecutive clients? You want to know about both successes and failures. Then follow up with those clients. Ask them if the recruiter communicated with them honestly and in a timely fashion.
  • Do you plan on making a site visit? The recruiter should understand your situation, including location and requirements.
  • Will you screen potential applicants—and their spouses—before submitting their names to us? Many recruiters realize that recruiting the spouse is just as important—if not more important—than recruiting the orthopaedist.
  • How will you keep us informed about your progress? Good recruiters give updates more than once a month.
  • How do you plan to approach this search? Effective recruiting often involves personal contacts and direct networking, as well as database and related research methods.
  • What’s your expertise in this area? Consider a firm that specializes in recruiting for the healthcare industry and is familiar with physician compensation arrangements and incentives.
  • How do you verify applicants’ background information—including social security verification, medical licensing, and credit checks—as well as their credentials? Do you do a criminal check and check references on applicants?
  • Who, specifically, will handle my account? You should meet the recruiter personally and know you’ll be able to work well with him/her.
  • Are your recruiters certified and by whom? Certified personnel consultant is a typical certification for a recruiter.