Winners of the Kappa Delta and OREF awards: (From left, front) Constance R. Chu, MD; Martha L. Gray, PhD; Lil Leslie, Kappa Delta representative; Natalia Juncosa-Melvin, PhD; Cynthia Gooch, BS; (rear) Christian Gerber, MD, FRCSEd(hon); David L. Butler, PhD; Jason T. Shearn, PhD; Gregory T. Boivin, DVM; Hani Awad, PhD; Marc T. Galloway, MD; Young-Jo Kim, MD, PhD.


Published 3/1/2007

AAOS, ORS recognize excellence in orthopaedic research

During the 2007 Annual Meeting, the AAOS recognized the research efforts of physicians, clinical scientists and educators in a variety of ways—from the presentation of the Kappa Delta and Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF) awards to the naming of best posters, multimedia education materials and scientific exhibits.

In addition, the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) also honored individual and group efforts to advance the practice of orthopaedics during its annual meeting, which immediately preceded the AAOS Annual Meeting.

Kappa Delta/OREF award winners

The 2007 Kappa Delta Young Investigator Award was presented to Constance R. Chu, MD, for her paper titled “Integrating Bench to Operating Room: Journey of a Clinical-Scientist.”

Recipients of the 2007 Kappa Delta Ann Doner Vaughn Award were David L. Butler, PhD; Natalia Juncosa-Melvin, PhD; Gregory P. Boivin, DVM; Marc T. Galloway, MD; Jason T. Shearn, PhD; Cynthia Gooch, BS, and Hani Awad, PhD, for their work on “Functional Tissue Engineering for Tendon Repair: A Multidisciplinary Strategy using Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Bioscaffolds and Mechanical Stimulation.”

Kappa Delta’s 2007 Elizabeth Winston Lanier Award went to Martha L. Gray, PhD; Deborah Burstein, PhD; Young-Jo Kim, MD, PhD; and Alice Maroudas, PhD, for a paper on “Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Cartilage Glycosaminoglycan: Basic Principles, Imaging Technique, and Clinical Applications.”

The 2007 OREF Clinical Research Award was presented to Christian Gerber, MD, FRCSEd(hon) for his work on “Rotator Cuff Disease: From Scientific Understanding to Patient Care.”

Poster award winners

Thirteen posters won awards, including—for the first time—a shared prize in one category.

Knee/Overall: Poster P123, “Do preoperative antibiotics decrease intraoperative culture yield?” submitted by Elie Ghanem, MD; Jesse Richman, BS; Robert L. Barrack, MD; Javad Parvizi, MD; James J. Purtill, MD; and Peter F. Sharkey, MD.

Hip: Poster P093, “Effects of acetabular component position on cup wear rates in total hip arthroplasty,” submitted by Lawrence D. Dorr, MD; Zhinian Wan, MD; and Myriam Boutary.

Foot and Ankle: Poster P206, “Subtalar arthrodesis using interpositional fresh-frozen structural allograft,” submitted by David N. Garras; Mark E. Easley, MD; James R. Santangelo, MD; and David William Wang, MD.

Hand and Wrist: Poster P241, “Long-term outcomes of dorsal intercarpal ligament capsulodesis for chronic scapholunate dissociation,” submitted by Varun K. Gajendran, MS; Brett Peterson, MD; and Robert Morris Szabo.

Pediatrics: Poster P251, “Ultrasonographic predictors of Pavlik harness failure in Ortolani positive hips,” submitted by Klane White, MD; Daniel J. Sucato, MD; and Sundeep Agrawal, BA.

Practice Management/Non-clinical: Poster P265, “The use of multimedia to improve patient consent for knee arthroscopy,” submitted by Richard De Steiger, MD; Andrew D. Beischer, MD; Martin Richardson, MD; Leo Donnan, MD; Andrei Cornoiu, MBBS, MD; and Damian Claydon-Platt, MBBS.

Rehabilitation: Poster P283, “Patient motivation criteria and gait orthosis use in young patients with complete thoracic paraplegia,” submitted by Joel A. Lerman, MD; Craig M. Mcdonald, MD; and R. Ted Abresch, MS.

Shoulder and Elbow: Two closely related posters in the shoulder and elbow category were recognized as winners. Poster P328, “Anatomical investigation of the supraspinatus insertion,” was submitted by Kazuhiko Maeda, MD; Hiroyuki Sugaya, MD; Ryuzo Arai, MD; Joji Moriishi, MD; Mari Uomizu, MD; and Keiichi Akita, MD. Poster P326, “The infraspinatus is the most affected tendon in rotator cuff tears,” was submitted by Keisuke Matsuki, MD; Hiroyuki Sugaya, MD; Mari Uomizu, MD; Tomoyuki Mochizuki, MD; Kazuhiko Maeda, MD; Joji Moriishi, MD, and Keiichi Akita, MD.

Spine: Poster P381, “A comparison of three face pillows while in the prone position for spinal surgery,” submitted by Margaret K. Grisell, MD; Margaret Grisell, MD; and Howard M. Place, MD.

Sports Medicine/Arthroscopy: Poster P399, “Pain management following shoulder arthroscopy: Interscalene regional blockade versus infusion pump,” submitted by William J. Ciccone II, MD; Terri Busey, BA; David Weinstein, MD; David L. Walden, MD; Amanda Gentner, BA, and John J. Elias, PhD.

Trauma: Poster P474, “Evaluating neutrophil priming using reamer/irrigator/aspirator vs. standard reamer in femur fractures,” submitted by Steven J. Morgan, MD; Anad A. Parekh, MRCS; Wade Russel Smith, MD; Allison E. Williams, MD; Juan Fernando Agudelo, MD; Ruth Grosskreuz, MD; Philip C. Eckels, BA; Ernest Moore, MD.

Tumors/Metabolic Disease: Poster P522, “Long-term results of endoprosthetic reconstruction after segmental bone resection for bone tumors,” submitted by Martin M. Malawer, MD; Chia-Chun Wu; Hart Squires, MS; Robert Mikael Henshaw, MD; Daria Brooks Terrell, MD; and Ahmad Mohammad Shehadeh, MD.

Scientific exhibits

The following three scientific exhibits were honored during the meeting:

SE29, “Evaluation of Complications in 600 Mini-Subvastus Total Knee Arthroplasty,” submitted by William C. Schroer, MD; Paul Diesfeld, PA-C; Mary E. Reedy, RN; and Angela LeMarr, RN.

SE30, “Implant Sizing in the Female Total Knee Arthroplasty,” submitted by Alexander Gordon, MD; Wayne M. Goldstein, MD; Jill Branson, RN; Christopher Simmons, BS; and Kimberly A. Berland, CST.

SE37, “Effects of Electrical Physical Stimuli on Articular Cartilage,” submitted by Stefania Setti, PhD; Leo Massari, MD; Francesco Benazzo, MD; M. DeMattei, MD; and M Fini, MD.

ORS award winners

The ORS recognized individuals who have made great contributions to the field of orthopaedic research were recognized during its annual meeting.

The William Harris Award, for research involving the hip, went to Andrew Gordon, BMedSci, MBChB, MRCS and coauthors Lorraine Southam; John Loughlin; A. Gerard Wilson; Ian Stockley; Andrew J. Hamer; Richard Eastell and J. Mark Wilkinson for their paper on “Variation in the Secreted Frizzled-Related Protein-3 Gene and Risk of Osteolysis and Heterotopic Ossification after Total Hip Arthroplasty.”

The Marshall R. Urist Award, presented to a cutting-edge researcher in tissue regeneration with an ongoing body of work of sustained excellence, went to Scott P. Bruder, MD, PhD.

The ORS/American Orthopaedic Association Alfred R. Shands Jr. Award and Lecture was delivered by Joseph A. Buckwalter, MD, recognizing his lifetime contributions to furthering knowledge on musculoskeletal disease.