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Published 5/1/2007

Considerations for Grading Abstracts

Positive Features
Subject may have impact in future membership
Topic of current interest to membership
Educational, provocative
Topic needs further discussion or airing
A fresh approach to an old problem
Impressive series
Author speaks from wealth of experience
Good message
Problem fundamental to orthopaedic surgeons
Controversial, but fresh approach
Subject needs emphasis
Not new, but a good summary
Clarifies a difficult subject
An important study—may prevent unnecessary surgery
Good methodology
Most comprehensive report of its kind

Negative Features
Report premature
Abstract vague
Paper is of little interest toAcademy members
Insufficient cases on which to base conclusion
Conclusions not warranted based on data presented
Great deal of data, but weak conclusions
Data incomprehensible
Neither new nor different
A dead issue
Poorly organized
Inconsistent data
Opinions, without backup data
Wrong forum
Inadequate controls
Adds little to existing reports
No message
Promises much, says little
Report appears biased
Good, but dull, no appeal
Interesting, but not significant
Too many variables