Published 5/1/2007

OKO goes monthly

Orthopaedic Knowledge Online (OKO) is now publishing clinical and surgical articles on a monthly basis. Each month, AAOS members, residents, and subscribers can find three to four new clinical topics and surgical techniques, and a variety of special features.  

“By going to a monthly publication schedule, we let our readers know that there will be original material each month,” says William A. Grana, MD, MPH, editor-in-chief of OKO.

Four new articles were posted in April: arthroscopic SLAP lesion repair in a baseball pitcher; fibrous dysplasia; hammer and claw toe deformity; and mallet toe deformity. In addition, existing articles on distal tibia fractures and revision ACL reconstruction were updated and a new program on family violence was added to the Web site.

OKO is a free benefit for members of AAOS and residents in ortho-paedic residency programs. The Web site now has more than 125 clinical topics and surgical techniques across all of orthopaedics. Visit OKO at www.aaos.org/oko to see the current issue.