In Beijing (seated, from left), Dr. Hu Guochen, president and editor-in-chief of People’s Medical Publishing House, and Stuart L.Weinstein, MD, AAOS past president, formalize a new publishing partnership. Looking on are (standing, from left): China’s Vice Minister of Health, Dr. Huang Jiefu; Lynne Dowling; Miguel E. Cabanela, MD, and Guixing Qiu, MD, president of the COA.


Published 11/1/2007
Lynne Dowling; Carolyn Rogers

AAOS, China begin new era of cooperation, education

A recent signing ceremony held at the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Beijing heralded a new era of partnership and cooperation for the AAOS, the Chinese Orthopaedic Association (COA), and the People’s Medical Publishing House (PMPH)—China’s largest medical publisher.

Although the Academy has been active in the Chinese-language medical book market for some time, the August 2007 ceremony solidified the relationship of the three entities. The Academy and PMPH signed a letter of intent to enter into a publishing partnership that will begin in 2008 with the introduction of a monograph series co-authored by American and Chinese orthopaedic surgeons. Over time, more titles and products will be added to the mix of educational offerings.

“Although much work is yet to be done to maximize the potential of these new partnerships, this was a great step forward for us, for the Chinese orthopaedic profession, and for the standards of care offered throughout mainland China,” said AAOS Past President Stuart L. Weinstein, MD, who represented the Academy in Beijing, along with Miguel E. Cabanela, MD, chair of the AAOS International Committee, and Lynne Dowling, director of the international department.

The AAOS delegation was warmly received by China’s Vice Minister of Health, Dr. Huang Jiefu, other MOH officials, and several publishing house representatives, including Dr. Hu Guochen, PMPH president and editor-in-chief. Guixing Qiu, MD, president of the Chinese Orthopaedic Association, also attended the signing ceremony.

Ministry of Health offers full support
On the eve of the signing ceremony, President Qiu and members of the COA board of directors, the Chinese Medical Association, and MOH honored the Academy at a celebratory banquet. The event recognized AAOS leadership in world orthopaedic education, and the COA-AAOS commitment to a long-range plan of education programming and professional development.

Full support and endorsement of this relationship was offered by the MOH deputies—an essential element for any planned medical education activities in mainland China.

“The general atmosphere was very collegial and much more open than we had initially expected,” Dr. Weinstein said. “We are enthusiastic about the long-term potential for these new opportunities.”

Academy member involvement will be required for both immediate and long-term projects with the Chinese orthopaedic community.

“Most immediately, we’re going to need Chinese-speaking members who can help us review the monograph contents,” Dr. Cabanela said. “Farther down the line, we’ll be looking for volunteers for the live education programs. We expect this to be a long-term commitment that will unfold slowly but grow in size and impact over time.”

While in Beijing, Ms. Dowling attended the Beijing International Book Fair—one of the world’s four leading book fairs. She also stopped in Hong Kong, where the Academy’s efforts to help strengthen the country’s physical medicine and rehabilitation services are ongoing.

“The trip is so long, it’s important to accomplish several objectives while we’re here,” Ms. Dowling said. “It’s a full schedule, but brings good value for effort.”