Published 10/1/2007

Legal training available for orthopaedic societies

Are you a volunteer leader at the local, state, regional, or national subspecialty society level? Do you ever wonder whether you are risking your organization’s future when you sign a contract? Are you concerned about disciplining an employee? Do you get uneasy whenever you hear about the latest antitrust lawsuit in the health industry? Do you worry about someone copying information from your Web page?

If you have ever pondered these questions, help is not far away. The AAOS Office of the General Counsel is available to conduct trainings at your organization on any legal topic you desire—including the following:

  • Antitrust issues
  • Contract issues
  • Employee discipline
  • Intellectual property
  • Relationship with industry

Any state orthopaedic or national orthopaedic specialty society that is interested in holding a legal training session as part of its scheduled meeting agenda may contact AAOS General Counsel Richard N. Peterson, at (847) 384-4048 or peterson@aaos.org or Assistant General Counsel Grant Nyhammer at (847) 384-4050 or nyhammer@aaos.org