The InMotion Musculoskeletal Institute is a private nonprofit orthopaedics laboratory with a mission to improve mobility and reduce disability for the musculoskeletal patient.


Published 10/1/2007

Donation honors Dr. Beaty

A $1 million donation by Robert and Janice Compton created the Dr. James H. Beaty Research Fund at the InMotion Musculoskeletal Institute in Memphis, Tenn. The fund will finance the purchase of advanced scientific equipment and support pioneering medical research at InMotion.

The gift honors AAOS President James H. Beaty, MD, who is currently Chief of Staff at the Campbell Clinic and a founding member of the InMotion Board of Directors.

“Our interest was to recognize two treasures that we have in Memphis—Dr. Beaty and InMotion,” said Mr. Compton. “Dr. Beaty is known world-wide for his leadership in orthopaedics, and we felt it important that he be recognized here at home as well—for his surgical skills, for his community leadership, and for his vision to push the frontiers of medical research at InMotion.”

James H. Beaty, MD

A pat on the back to...
The new board members of the American Academy of Pediatrics Orthopaedic Section: Chairman William L. Hennrikus Jr.,MD, and members-at-large Paul W. Esposito, MD; Keith R. Gabriel, MD; Ellen M. Raney, MD; Kenneth J. Guidera, MD; David P. Roye Jr., MD; Michael G. Vitale, MD; John F. Sarwark, MD, and Richard M. Schwend, MD.

Richard T. Herrick, MD, bronze-medal winner (age group 60-64; 85 KG weight class) at the 2007 Pan American Masters Weightlifting Championships.