Published 4/1/2008
Carolyn Rogers

The 30s: From depression to innovation

Orthopaedic history begins to blossom

Most of the scientific, technologic, and economic forces that propelled orthopaedics to its preeminent position in medicine occurred during the past 75 to 100 years. Until now, however, this “golden era of orthopaedics” had never been critically studied.

Thanks to the Academy’s 75th Anniversary effort, this orthopaedic story is now being shared through a series of multimedia projects, including an interactive Digital Timeline. The timeline takes you on an interactive, historical adventure to view more than 1,500 events in the history of orthopaedics.

In its remaining 2008 issues, AAOS Now will publish highlights of the last eight decades from the Digital Timeline—beginning with the 1930s, as orthopaedics first began to blossom into the premier surgical specialty it is today.

Click here to view the digital timeline