Published 8/1/2008
Carolyn Rogers

The 1970s: Research + innovation = better outcomes

This month’s journey through the annals of orthopaedic history centers on the orthopaedic milestones of the 1970s. Thanks to constant research on innovative products and materials, this decade saw major advances in joint replacement surgery and trauma fixation, as well as new techniques that led to more predictable outcomes. The indisputable orthopaedic “star” of the seventies was the total hip replacement, with more than 250,000 procedures being performed annually by decade’s end.

Events in this timeline are taken from the Digital Timeline—a feature of the 75th Anniversary Project that allows users to travel through more than 1,500 events in the history of orthopaedics. To explore the timeline in its entirety, visit http://www.aaos75.org/