Published 12/1/2008
Carolyn Rogers

Express yourself in AAOS Now

Harness the power of the pen and make your voice heard

Are you buzzing with excitement? Riled up about a recent report? Found a clever solution to a common problem?

Whatever’s on your mind, AAOS Now wants to hear about it.

“Setting AAOS Now Straight”—our Letters to the Editor column—is your forum.

So blow off some steam. Question the accepted wisdom. Share a nugget of newfound knowledge. Get the last word.

We read everything
Whether you share your thoughts through e-mail, fax, U.S. mail or carrier pigeon, your words will be read and acknowledged by the editors of AAOS Now. Letters are published at the editors’ discretion, but the likelihood of seeing your letter in print will greatly increase if you observe the following tips.

  • Make it brief. Space is at a premium, so limit your letter to 150–300 words at most. Marshal your thoughts and express them concisely.
  • Stay on point. Limit your letter to one topic, and don’t attempt to cover all aspects of the issue. Rather, concentrate on a few powerful points that best make your case. If you are responding to an article or opinion piece, cite the title and month of publication.
  • Make it relevant. Address topics that are of interest to a wide range of AAOS members. Letters that primarily highlight the writer’s own research or are otherwise self-promotional have a low priority.
  • Make it timely. The early bird gets the ink. If several readers write about the same topic, we try to print the two or three that best express what’s on the readers’ minds. But even the best-written letter won’t see print if it arrives months after the original article appeared.
  • Accept the need for editing. Like every other article that appears in AAOS Now, all letters are edited for length, style, and clarity.
  • Don’t submit letters about articles that appeared in another magazine or journal.
  • Don’t rehash arguments that have been debated for years.
  • Don’t adopt a tone that could be misconstrued by the authors or readers as insulting. If you’re angry when you write the letter, set it aside for 24 hours and review it again objectively before sending it.

Also, please keep in mind that “Setting AAOS Now Straight” is not a forum for debate. AAOS Now is not a peer-reviewed or clinical journal, so every side of an issue is not always addressed.

What happens to your letter?
You’ve gathered your thoughts, written a brilliant-yet-brief missive, and hit “send.” What happens now?

  1. The managing editor, Mary Ann Porucznik, acknowledges receipt of every letter.
  2. All letters are forwarded to S. Terry Canale, MD, AAOS Now editor-in-chief. If the letter cites a specific article, it may also be forwarded to the author for a direct response.
  3. If appropriate, you’ll receive a response from either Dr. Canale or Ms. Porucznik acknowledging the issue, providing an answer or update, and possibly requesting permission to publish the letter.

Carolyn Rogers is a staff writer for AAOS Now. She can be reached at rogers@aaos.org