Published 7/1/2008

A Pat on the Back to…

  • Newly elected officers and directors for the Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA): J. Tracy Watson, MD, president; David C. Templeman, MD, president-elect; Timothy J. Bray, MD, second president-elect; Brendan M. Patterson, MD, and David J. Stephen, MD, members-at-large; Daniel S. Horwitz, MD, membership chair; David C. Teague, MD, education chair, David P. Barei, MD, membership committee. Continuing OTA board members include Robert A. Probe, MD, secretary; Alan L. Jones, MD, chief financial officer; Jeffrey O. Anglen, MD, immediate past president; Michael J. Bosse, MD, second past president, and Edward J. Harvey, MD, member-at-large.
  • The new board of directors for the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America: B. Stephens Richards, MD, president; John Dormans, MD, president-elect; James W. Roach, MD, vice-president; David L. Skaggs, MD, secretary; Peter O. Newton, MD, treasurer; Paul D. Sponseller, MD, Ellen M. Raney, MD, Scott J. Luhmann, MD, and Unni G. Narayanan, MD, members-at-large; Matthew J. Bueche, MD, historian.
  • The 2008 winners of the AAOS Washington Health Policy Fellowship, David H. Sohn, MD, JD, and Daniel E. Prince, MD, MPH
  • L. Scott Levin, MD, the new chair of the Advisory Council for Orthopaedics for the American College of Surgeons.