Published 6/1/2008
James A. Ogle

AAOS Web site helps patients find you

Most members know that the AAOS Web site is an integral part of the Academy and its membership. Each day, more than 8,500 people use the site to find up-to-date information, purchase products, register for courses, take exams, and perform a myriad other activities.

Although the AAOS Web site serves members first and foremost, it also acts as an orthopaedic resource for allied healthcare professionals, the media, patients, and the general public.

Find an orthopaedist
Of particular interest to the general public is the online public directory—Find an Orthopaedist. Each day, about 580 people use this service to find an orthopaedist in their area or to locate an orthopaedic surgeon.

In response to their queries, member detail records—names, office locations, office telephone numbers, office Web sites—are shown. On average, people click on two to five of these records per search. Thus, every day of the year, the contact information of approximately 2,000 members is displayed, helping the public and prospective patients find the medical care that they are seeking.

To benefit fully from Find an Orthopaedist, please ensure that all of your contact information is complete and current. Use My Profile (www.aaos.org/myprofile) on the Web site to update the following:

  • Your office contact information such as office address, office telephone, and fax number
  • Your practice demographics, including any anatomic or treatment specialties as well as the age groups that you serve. Although only 20 percent of all AAOS members have supplied these demographics, patients are frequently interested in knowing this information.
  • Your Web site listing; if you have created your own personal physician and/or group practice Web site using the AAOS-supplied templates, this listing will automatically be included. If you have other Web sites, you can list them using the “Change Contact Information” link in My Profile.

Efficient, easy-to-use
The AAOS Web site also makes your Academy more efficient. Over time, the revenues collected via the Web site have significantly increased. In 2007, almost 20 percent of the AAOS’ revenue was received electronically. This eliminates much of the back office labor that was once needed to process payments for dues, product purchases, course registrations, and Annual Meeting registrations, as well as for online courses, online exams, and Placement Service listings. In just 10 years, Web-collected revenue has increased from less than $1 million to $9.2 million (
Fig. 1).

The AAOS is constantly striving to make the Web site work for you. If you have questions concerning the use of the AAOS Web site or suggestions for new modules or other improvements, please forward them to me.

James A. Ogle is director of information and member services; he can be reached at ogle@aaos.org