Published 5/1/2008

AAOS/ORS sponsor imaging/CAS symposium

A decade ago, computer-assisted surgery (CAS) was in its infancy. Today, navigation systems, musculoskeletal imaging and tracking systems, and robotic testing systems are transforming orthopaedic surgery and resulting in improved outcomes for patients.

Recognizing these advances, the AAOS and the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) will be sponsoring a symposium on “Advanced imaging and computer-assisted surgery of the knee and hip,” May 15–17, in Providence, R.I. An invited audience of orthopaedic surgeons, young investigators, noted researchers, and government and industry representatives will discuss basic science issues, technology integration, intraoperative imaging, and novel approaches to orthopaedic surgery of the knee and hip.

Symposium co-chairs Martha L. Gray, PhD, of the ORS, and AAOS fellow Andrew D. Pearle, MD, have assembled a stellar cast of presenters who will address the issue from multiple perspectives. Sessions will cover morphology, intraoperative imaging, image processing, and macromolecular imaging, as well as applications in the treatment of knee degeneration, malalignment and ligamentous injury, chondral lesions, and hip topology.

“We hope to create a forum that brings together experts from multiple disciplines in musculoskeletal imaging and computer-assisted surgery, particularly with regard to the knee and the hip,” said Dr. Gray. “During the symposium we want to assess what imaging has taught us about disease etiology and therapeutic delivery and efficacy.”

“In some areas,” said Dr. Pearle, “the impact of imaging technologies in computer-assisted surgery cannot, as yet, be documented. We hope this symposium will help identify opportunities where technology integration has the potential for high impact in diagnosis and treatment, and to find ways to facilitate the development, validation, and implementation of computer-assisted and advanced imaging techniques.”