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Scoliosis kiosk at AAOS 75th Annual Meeting, San Francisco


Published 5/1/2008
Nicholas DiNubile, MD

Bring the 75th Anniversary celebration to your town

Traveling exhibit, media releases tell story of orthopaedics

If you attended the 75th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, I hope you took the time to view Moving Stories: The Exhibit. If you were unable to attend, however, you can bring the exhibit to your clinic, hospital, university, or state or specialty society meetings at no charge.

Moving Stories: The Exhibit is a beautiful, modular display chronicling the last 75 years of orthopaedic history. Created as part of the Academy’s 75th Anniversary celebration, Moving Stories: The Exhibit contains kiosks highlighting the Academy’s history and various aspects of the development of orthopaedics, including “The New Century,” “Polio,” “The War Years,” “Scoliosis,” “Joint Replacement,” “Specialties,” “The Future,” and “Orthopaedic Industry.”

Display the modular exhibit in its entirety or choose specific subject areas. Each kiosk has optional lighting and pop-up banners. A display featuring hundreds of hip and knee implants is also available. The modular format makes it very flexible for different venues and space options. Promotional resources and a tool kit with packing and assembly instructions are available upon request.

Moving Stories: The Exhibit is available on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve it, contact Kayee Dooley, public relations coordinator, by phone at (847) 384-4035, or by e-mail at dooley@aaos.org

Moving Stories: The Traveling Exhibit has been made possible by a grant from the George M. Boswell, Jr., MD, Fund for Orthopaedic Surgery, Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation.

Media attended annual meeting in record numbers
More than 110 representatives of the media—both trade and consumer—attended the Academy’s 75th Annual Meeting. I thought you would like to know about some of the great news coverage the Academy received from around the country.

This year we presented 10 media briefings on an array of timely orthopaedic topics. Media turnout for many of these briefings exceeded our expectations.

At the “She Can Do It! Increasing the Number of Women in Orthopaedics” briefing, moderator Mary I. O’Connor, MD, was joined by Ann E. Van Heest, MD; Claudia L. Thomas, MD, who was also awarded the Academy’s 2008 Diversity Award; Sharon L. Hame, MD; Lisa K. Cannada, MD, and Kalilah Allen-Harris. Ms. Harris is the reigning Miss Black USA and a medical student, pursing a career as an orthopaedic surgeon. The Academy also welcomed several female medical students, orthopaedic interns, and residents who attended the briefing from local San Francisco medical schools and hospitals. A reporter from Reuters was one of many covering the briefing, and the story was featured in newspapers and magazines as well as on television stations nationwide.

The briefing on the predicted increases in the number of joint replacement surgeries in the coming years struck a chord with the media, as well. This story was picked up by United Press International and appeared on Time.com, in USA Today and U.S. News & World Report, and in hundreds of other media outlets.

As a new feature this year, all the media briefings were recorded and the audio is now available in the News Bureau section of the AAOS Web site, complete with biographical information on all the participants and news releases on each topic. You can find a complete list of all Annual Meeting press releases on the AAOS Web site as well; simply click on “Press Room.”

Nicholas DiNubile, MD, is chair of the Public Relations Oversight Group. AAOS members who are interested in volunteering as spokespersons for the Academy should contact the public relations department at julitz@aaos.org

Immerse yourself in 75 years of orthopaedic history
Everything the 75th Anniversary has to offer can be experienced by visiting the new Web site at:

View the following Internet attractions:

  • The interactive historical digital timeline—It’s an adventure enabling you to view hundreds of events that have taken place over the history of orthopaedics.
  • Excerpts from the books, Moving Stories: Seventy-five Years of Orthopaedic Surgery, and Getting It Straight: A History of American Orthopaedics.
  • eMotion Pictures: An Exhibition of Orthopaedics in Art—View artworks in an online gallery.
  • Films, “Moving Pictures” (trailer) and “Orthopaedic Allegro.”
  • Academy Chronicles—Get an up-close view of the 3-dimensional artwork that now hangs in the lobby of the Academy building in Rosemont, Ill. This stunning piece includes full-size and miniature replicas of pieces of the Academy’s 75-year history.