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Published 9/1/2008
Stuart L. Weinstein, MD

Nominating Committee seeks names

At its meeting in June, the AAOS Board of Directors appointed me the chair of the 2009 Nominating Committee. The following month, the AAOS fellowship elected six members (and one alternate) to the committee.

Serving with me on the committee are Thomas A. Einhorn, MD (Mass.); Richard H. Gelberman, MD (Mo.); David L. Helfet, MD (N.Y.); Ramon L. Jimenez, MD (Calif.); Bernard F. Morrey, MD (Minn.); and Augustus A. White III, MD, PhD (Mass.). Laura L. Tosi, MD (D.C.) was elected as the alternate member.

Under the Bylaws amendments adopted by the fellowship in 2008, we will present a slate of nominees to you no later than Dec. 29, 2008 (2 months prior to the 2009 Annual Meeting). The slate will include the names of candidates for the following positions on the AAOS Board of Directors: second vice president; member-at-large (younger than age 45 on February 26, 2009); member-at-large (no age designation). In addition, the slate will list four nominees for the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) and one member for the AAOS National Membership Committee.

To make this nomination process as transparent as possible, we need your suggestions for individuals who might serve in these positions. I invite every AAOS fellow to submit recommendations for these positions. With your recommendations, please include a paragraph on your candidates and their unique qualifications for the office. Send this information to Stuart L. Weinstein, MD, Chair, 2009 Nominating Committee, c/o AAOS Office of General Counsel, 6300 N. River Road, Rosemont, IL 60018-4202.

Nominations must be received no later than Dec. 8, 2008; you must have ascertained the nominee’s agreement to serve if elected. This information will then be shared with the entire Nominating Committee as we prepare the slate.

Stuart L. Weinstein, MD, is a past president of the AAOS and chair of the 2009 Nominating Committee.